Nathaniel Square Corner Store

The beer is fresh, the location is convenient, the folks are knowledgeable, and it's always entertaining. What more could you want?
~ ROCbeer

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495 South Avenue  (585) 325-1150

Monday - Friday 9AM - 10PM

Sat 9AM - 10PM    Sun 9AM - 8PM

Growler Lines

Craft Beer On Tap Now

Growler of Mass Rising Jack’s Abby Mass Rising $12.95
Growler of Excess IPL Jack’s Abby Excess IPL $13.95
Growler of Oktoberfest Great Lakes Oktoberfest $9.95
Growler of One Claw Westbrook One Claw $12.95
Fresh Coffee (from local roaster Boulder Coffee) Brew Dog Tokio (single-sell beer) Firestone Sucaba Limited Release Erick Pouring a Growler Steam Punk Cider Made in NY